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nfcan smAfter years of research and formulation, we released a revolutionary new mood enhancement beverage called Neuro Fuel. Neuro Fuel is a complex beverage that may increase dopamine and serotonin in the brain through a mix of proponents, cofactors, antioxidants, and precursors. Through this combination, Neuro Fuel may increase energy, alertness, motivation, concentration, drive, intelligence, memory, euphoria, and sexual drive and performance. 

Neuro Fuel also promotes healthy nerve function in the brain which slows the cognitive decline experienced during old age while increasing resistance to brain injuries, both physical and chemical. 

Neuro Fuel provides a substantial energy boost while simultaneously decreasing anxiety allowing for clear thinking and decision making. This amazing aspect reduces the jittery effects of most energy drinks.

Neuro Fuel's effects mix very well with alcohol by actually potentiating the beneficial effects (euphoria) and decreasing the negative ones. Neuro Fuel makes for an amazing hangover cure as well as protecting the brain from the detrimental effects of alcohol and other drugs.

The active ingredients in Neuro Fuel are what set it apart from every other beverage on the market. Neuro Fuel's most unique ingredient is Piracetam which has had over 700 clinical and university studies done on it. It is truly amazing what these studies have discovered about this compound and this is why Neuro Fuel is patent pending. It has been shown to be beneficial for everything from Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, and Autism to ADD, depression, and anxiety. And Neuro Fuel has more than just a little sprinkling of this compound; it has a whopping 750mg! This is just one part of Neuro Fuel's 5415mg formula. This truly makes Neuro Fuel the nootropic supplement of the future.

So, by now you are probably thinking that a drink with this many active ingredients must taste terrible. Well think again! We have contracted out the flavor production to one of the best flavor laboratories in the beverage industry. This company formulates the flavors for such industry leaders as Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Try the flavor for yourself and send us your feedback.